Call to the CRSV survivors


Dear sisters, friends, colleagues!

Are you at home, have you gone to another conditionally safer region of Ukraine or have you found shelter abroad - this is an appeal to you.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion on February 24th, we have faced all sorts of troubles, most of which were difficult to even imagine, much less bear. Conflict-related sexual violence (CRSV – this abbreviation is used) is one such horror.

Sexual violence is a particularly heinous form of violence. It is rape and any other sexual assault committed against women and girls, men and boys. It entails severe physical and psychological consequences for survivors and witnesses, and also has a profound destabilizing effect on communities and the population as a whole. Women and girls suffer more than others from sexual violence in conflict situations.

Our NGO, the Women's Information Consultative Center, has been working for 27 years to eradicate all forms of discrimination and violence against women and men, boys and girls.

Reflecting on what we can do both for the survivors of CRSV and for society as a whole, we decided that we should continue to do what we do best. This is work aimed at increasing the internal potential of women and girls with the help of trainings and consultations, programs of assistance and mentoring.

You can read more about our work at .

We plan to train a group of women who want to find the strength to overcome feelings of helplessness and depression, powerlessness and resentment, and also try to help other survivors of such abuse to do the same.

We invite the cooperation of women who suffered from CRSV during the aggression of the russian federation or in peacetime. We plan to hold several meetings in between which you will receive support, help and advice.

For inquiries and questions, our email address is:

You can also call us at +38 098 693-02-20

If you know such women, we would be grateful if you could pass on our message and contact details to them.

Sexual violence is a weapon of war. Survivors are wounded heroines and heroes.

Let's help ourselves - let's support others.