The idea of Jeanne Ozirna


A calendar with detachable leaves is a popular thing in Soviet times. A thick rectangle with yellowed leaves hung in almost every apartment or house. He reminded his owners of the day of the week or an important date, a solar eclipse or even the weather. But the most interesting was usually on the back. They put everything in a row - anecdotes, recipes for twists, tips for housewives, birthdays of famous people.
Nowadays, such calendars have been replaced by large, glossy ones with banal landscape photos for each month.

I propose to create such a calendar about brave, bright, smart women - famous and not so famous. It will bypass the common "red dates" and celebrate only the birthdays of women who have challenged the world - and managed to change it.

The calendar will have a modern concise design and quality paper. On the front - date, photo of the woman and the year of her birth (and death). On the reverse side - the most interesting and important of the biography.
The perforated dividing line will give the opportunity to give each page as an improvised postcard, or bookmark to a book, or just as a special little gift.

I am currently working on filling the calendar grid. Every month I have 7-9 birthdays. I carefully select the figures, although I focus on my own taste. Among women - artists, philosophers, directors, inventors, writers, scientists, actresses, military, researchers, doctors, bartenders, adventurers and just those who have lived an extraordinary and unforgettable life, full of adventure and great deeds. Each of them made an effort to break at least one rod in the cage of a woman's passive role.

This idea is my original creation. Unfortunately, I can't add visual material, but I hope my description is comprehensive.