Examples of implementing equal rights and opportunities for men and women to strengthen communities


The Welfare of Communities program supports gender equality, joint decision-making by women and men, joint ownership, including of animals, of the Community Welfare Association, equal distribution of economic work among adult family members, and, accordingly, the sharing of income from participation. in the project. Funds are provided primarily to those families in which all family members participate in the project. Working together on the farm strengthens peasant families and communities in general. There is no need to look for work in cities. IBO "Community Welfare" also runs the program "Women in the development of animal husbandry", providing support to women to implement women's projects.
The program of equal rights and equal opportunities for men and women is closely connected with the current projects of the IBO "Community Welfare". The implementation of gender approaches for the Foundation means that the interests and experiences of both women and men must be taken into account when designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating strategic project activities. This is necessary to ensure equal access to the project resources for men and women.
In 2010, gender analysis was included in nine ongoing projects. Based on these analyzes, analytical reports were prepared for each of the projects. The recommendations addressed the strategy of full participation, sustainable development and self-sufficiency of rural communities, including the needs and interests of men and women.
The project № 27-0840-21 On September 25-27, 2009, a regional seminar on gender issues was held with the participation of families of project leaders, staff of the Lviv office of the KhPI ICF, representatives of the Ministry of Family and Youth and the Parliamentary Assistance Program. In addition, topics such as access to the law-making process, including gender, were addressed during the workshop.
The participants of the seminar noted that the training and experience gained during the seminars helped them to determine their roles and the current situation in the family and community. They began to think about the future and make decisions. The women noted positive changes in their diet, the benefits of selling piglets and calves. The baseline study helped to understand how the needs of local people are clearly reflected in the projects. The active participation of project members in the activities of the cooperative has a positive impact on the cultural, gender and social aspects of rural life.
An important result of the gender program in 2010 was the preparation and publication of the textbook "Equal rights and equal opportunities for men and women." The textbook also included recommendations for gender analysis and gender training. This material will be useful for office staff, project leaders, and experts and consultants will be able to use the recommendations.

Information taken from the site "Community Welfare"